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admin 12/12/2021
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I have downloaded many videos using Mac Firefox (current version at the time) and Ant Video Downloader (current version at the time) but Firefox 49.0.1 (and possibly since 49 came out) and AVD don't work together. Everything seems okay until I click the download arrow - then I get a 'flash' of the arrow (normal, suggesting the download is happening) and a single, simple, 6.9 to 7kb download that is nothing. When I use the download arrow to select from the list of 'currently viewed videos' the appearance implies corruption as the 'title' of the movie (say: HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO) is only legible for about half of the title (appearing: HOW TO DOWNL#$#%^&& [obviously garbled characters in a subdued background]).I cannot take a screen shot of this, nor a snapshot (though I guess I could take a picture of the screen with my i-Phone) to show what it looks like.I've updated, installed, uninstalled AVD, then reinstalled it, and installed a fresh download of the entire Firefox app - to no avail. The two have been a perfect wine-and-cheese until the past week or three. One of you - either Mozilla/Firefox or ANT must have a solution that the community hasn't discovered. NO other functions or apps on my computer have been affected.

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Are ANT drivers available for Mac OS? Drivers are not needed in the Mac OSX environment., the USB sticks should be recognized with no additional effort. Mac libraries are available in the Downloads area of the website. A Linux SDK for ANTUSB2 and ANTUSB-m sticks is currently in Beta. Please refer to this forum post for more details. Determines if the OS on which Ant is executing matches the given OS family, name, architecture and version static boolean isVersion (java.lang.String version).