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The age of Smartphones has ensured that every command that we would do on the desktop like print, share, or just view, is accessible to the Smartphone user. It is indeed important that such integration hits markets swiftly so that all of us can use different operations while on the go. Most of us have a Smartphone helping, guiding, and guarding us. Well, virtually, almost. The use of new applications has enabled the average Smartphone user to make the most of the files stored in his handheld device. Today, Android and iPhone mobiles boast of the largest number of integrated applications. And with AirPrint Activator, you have a whole new world of iDevices opening up in front of you!

As more and more internet users surf the net using mobile handsets and tablets, it is only natural that presentations, documents, and files are developed by the users on their handheld devices itself. AirPrint Activator allows these users to take print-outs of these files using a. Mac OS X 10.6.5 only: The latest OS X and iOS updates were supposed to enable Air Printing, or printing from iPad/iPhone/iPod devices, but support was dropped along the beta path. Print wirelessly from your Mac to an AirPrint printer. If you have an AirPrint-enabled printer, you can print photos and documents from your Mac without having to download and install printer drivers. AirPrint is built into most popular printer models; for a list of printers that support AirPrint, see the Apple Support article About AirPrint.

Airprint Activator For Mac Os Catalina

What Is AirPrint Activator?

AirPrint Activator is a new-age printing software that can be used to share and print any file or data saved in an iPhone or iPad, using a common desktop set-up. The software is available for free and allows you to integrate the handheld device connected to the laptop or desktop into which it is installed. You can then connect the files directly from your device to the printer or scanner connected to the system and take printouts.

Airprint Activator Mac Os X 10.6.8

How to Install and Use AirPrint Activator?

Arguably, the software is available for free and can be installed from the website. The program, once installed, creates a WiFi server for printing and sharing that is accessible via IOS devices. The iDevices compatible with the AirPrint Activator are those developed on iOS version 4.2.1 and higher versions. The program comes complete with an Uninstaller that you will use when you upgrade the existing version of AirPrint Activator. The program installation is easy and does not require one to install a traditional iOS application. The program downloaded is available for Mac, and Windows devices. Some devices with a robust antivirus refuse to allow the installation. The user must uninstall the antivirus before starting with installation of AirPrint Activator, in such cases.

Once printer sharing starts, you have a host of options in the activities that you want to undertake using the program. The options, which appear in the left pane, are as follows:

• DVD or CD sharing
• Screen Sharing
• File Sharing
• Printer Sharing
• Scanner Sharing
• Web Sharing
• Remote Login
• Remote Management
• Remote Apple Events
• Xgrid Sharing
• Internet Sharing
• Bluetooth Sharing


The user is required to check the box against the activity he or she is interested in, and the program automatically allows you to integrate the handheld devices logged into the system to connect to and command the printer. A small step that requires you to integrate the printer set-up in the iPad or iPhone makes the process of connecting complete. This program is best used within local network setups and do not allow more than one option to be checked. Checking on each option in separate windows is safe and therefore, ideal.

Main Advantages of Using Airprint Activator

The program creates a unique server that allows you to select any number of equipments to be connected to the printer or scanner. By using the program, you can actually use non-local printers and print files on your iPad or iPhone without much trouble. Designed to be highly effective in terms of speed and user-friendliness, the interface has an on/off switch on the left of the pane and the right pane shows you the list of all printers connected to the set-up. Detecting the right printer that you want to use and adding it to the iPad or iPhone is a matter of four to five clicks, completed in a few minutes. You can also remotely select the file and order the print. When selecting the printer, you can select multiple printers and connect them to the device. At a later stage, if you do not need the extra printer, simply un-checking the box next to it removes it from your connected printers list.

Whether you are attending a symposium and need to make an urgent presentation, or are simply holidaying in the Caribbean’s, when a business call requires action, your printing, sharing, and broadcasting options are readily available once you have a set-up equipped with AirPrint Activator. With web sharing and internet sharing options, allowing you to integrate new machines and include them in the local network, the process becomes easy. Remote management and logins are best used when multiple computers and handheld devices are to be integrated into the same system.

Mac Os Airprint

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