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Recently, Adobe for some reason have decided to remove the option to download the old version of Premiere Pro CS6 (which included Adobe Encore for DVD authoring) from the Creative Cloud platform.
I contacted them as I rebuilt one of our iMacs and needed to re-install. Their answer was that unless I had purchased CS6 in the past I could not have the media (even though if I did have the media, as I have a full creative cloud subscription I would be licensed)... So after lots of discussion, we arrived at the chicken and the egg scenario, in fact the last advice they gave me was 'look for a reseller that may have some old CS6 licenses available' .... fantastic service for £50 month.
I have scoured the internet to look for the media download for Premiere Pro CS6 but to no avail. I was wondering if:
1. Anyone here have the media for CS6 Premiere Pro (Mac version, not windows) I don't need any license codes as I have that, just need the .DMG file.
2. Anyone know of a good alternative? I am happy to look at something else to author the DVD menus/build the ISOs but never really looked at anything as always used Adobe. (Again, needs to be Mac compatible).
capture it as it happens...with motion and sound.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 has been equipped with Adobe Encore for the DVD authoring and Adobe OnLocation for direct to the disk recording. This application was developed with the support for various different video editing cards plus it has got rich plugin architecture for the accelerated video processing as well as video/audio recording. Use this directory to get started using Adobe Encore. Find resources, get support, and learn how to use Adobe Encore. Adobe should think about some option like the Student and Teacher version for a casual home user (not sure how they'd police it). I will not update the OS if it kills my Adobe Suite. Apple did this years ago with the Adobe Suite, I think CS2 when at one update (without notice that it would) it killed the applications, which was a royal pain, if.

Use this directory to get started using Adobe Encore. Find resources, get support, and learn how to use Adobe Encore.

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