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Underlining is not supported in Adobe Digital Editions. Using bookmarks. Use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+B (on Windows), and Cmd+B (on Mac). To jump to a bookmark, do the following: Click Show/Hide Navigation Panel on the top toolbar to show the Navigation. Calibre Mac/Windows Calibre is a completely free and open-source eBook manager with a huge. The answer is 'Yes', of course. But before the conversion job, you should know that Adobe Digital Editions implements a proprietary scheme of Adobe Adept DRM (we usually say Adobe DRM). And so the Adobe Digital Editions eBooks can only be read through ADE. You even cannot copy and transfer the files to. Manually install Adobe Digital Editions for Mac OS Finish installing or uninstalling any other applications. Uninstall any earlier versions of Adobe Digital Editions. Download the installer package for your Mac OS X machine: Download. Unzip the above file to get ADE4.0Installer.dmg.

I can't enlarge the font on my Adobe Digital reader? I'm currently using Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.4. My Mac Os is the latest also. New Here, Mar 07, 2017. Copy link to clipboard. I've tried going into Textedit and choosing 18pt to 100pt on my Mac but that changed nothing.

Adobe Digital Editions Mac Os

You can install Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 in Mac OS X by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Download tab. Downloads page for Adobe Digital Editions appears.

  3. Click Download Digital Edition 4.0 Macintosh (18.7 MB)

    ADE_4.0_Installer.dmg file downloads to your computer.

  4. Double-click ADE_4.0_Installer.dmg file from your computer, to start the installation process.

  5. Select the destination for the drive where you want to install Adobe Digital Editions. Digital Editions only installs on the drive where Mac OS is installed. Once you have selected the destination, click Continue.

  6. Mac OS X asks that you authorize the installation. Enter an administrator account name and password to authorize the installation.

If you have difficulties with the installation process, see Can’t Install Adobe Digital Editions

Learn how to authorize and de-authorize Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions For Mac


When you download a book from a library or buy an eBook, open the book from the Browser download window and the book opens in Adobe Digital Editions.

If the book does not open in Adobe Digital Editions, try one of the following:

  • Start Adobe Digital Editions, click File > Add to Library and browse to the book you want to open in Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Drag the book onto the Adobe Digital Editions application icon. The book opens in Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions Download

When Adobe Digital Editions opens your book, it confirms that you have the permissions to read it. Many books are Digital Right Management (DRM) protected. If it is not a protected book, you can open it and start reading.

However, if it is a protected book, you have to authorize Adobe Digital Editions using either an Adobe ID or a Vendor ID.

Adobe digital editions for macbook air

You can authorize using an Adobe ID or a Vendor ID. By doing this authorization, you associate the book with your ID. If you later open the book on another computer, you can use the same ID to open the book.

  1. Adobe Digital Editions prompts you to authorize if needed. However, if you do not get the prompt to authorize and you have issues opening the book, then click Help > Authorize to start the process manually.

  2. In the dialog box that opens, select Adobe ID as your eBook vendor and then type in your user name and password.


    If you don't have an Adobe ID, click the Create an Adobe ID link. After creating the ID on the Adobe website, close the browser window, return to Adobe Digital Editions, and type in the newly-created Adobe ID.

    For more information on creating an Adobe ID, see Manage your Adobe ID account.

  1. Adobe Digital Editions prompts you to authorize if needed. However, if you do not get the prompt to authorize and you have issues opening the book, then click Help > Authorize to start the process manually.

  2. In the dialog box that opens, select your Vendor ID from the drop-down list.

    Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions with a Vendor ID

  3. Type in your Vendor ID user name and password, and click Authorize.

If you choose to authorize without an ID, Adobe Digital Editions allows you to read a book only on the current device. You will not be able to read it on other eReader devices or other computers (or the same computer if you re-install). If you don’t plan on moving your books to other computers (or re-installing), you can authorize without an ID.

Adobe Digital Editions For Macbook


Adobe recommends authorizing without an ID only if you are extremely sure you don't plan to transfer your eBooks.

Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 Mac

For more information on authorizing without an ID, see this blog post - Adobe Digital Editions – Anonymous Activation.

Adobe Digital Editions For Mac Computer

If you are having trouble authorizing Adobe Digital Editions, take a look at these troubleshooting documents to help resolve your issue:

  • Can't authorize with a previously used Adobe ID - This article helps troubleshoot authorization errors that crop up if you have previously used an anonymous ID in Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Activation errors in Adobe Digital Editions - This article helps troubleshoot general activation issues.

If you have issues opening or downloading a book, you can try deauthorizing Adobe Digital Editions, and then authorize it again.

  1. To deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions, click Help > Erase Authorization.
  2. In the pop-up window that opens, enter the password for the account you used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions.
  3. Click Erase Authorization.
Adobe Digital Editions For MacAdobe Digital Editions For Mac

For more information on deauthorizing Adobe Digital Editions, see this blog post - Deactivating a device from your ADE account.