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admin 12/13/2021

Since AdBlock Plus for Firefox 45.0.21 is no longer supported, does anyone know of another good ad blocker for Firefox for Mac?

AdBlock is a self-explanatory add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari that enables you to enjoy the web content of your favorite pages without getting interrupted by advertisements. Blocks advertisements on all pages and removes YouTube ads. In addition to removing ads from the. Get Adblock Plus on the App Store Get ad blocker for Safari. Faster, more enjoyable browsing We’ve designed the Safari ad blocker to be fast and ultra-light on your Mac’s resources. The app blocks annoying ads such as pop-ups, video ads and banners, enabling pages. Mac users interested in Mozilla firefox mac 10.5 8 generally download: Firefox 80.0 Free Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers on the market, providing numerous helpful features and quick speed to millions of users worldwide.

A current limitation with the AdBlock Plus is the following error message in the Preferences window: 'Warning: Adblock Plus is either disabled or not installed. For this addon to work properly, you have to install or enable Adblock Plus.'

I have installed and enabled the current version of Adblock Plus, and I've also uninstalled and reinstalled this Firefox extension. But I still receive the above noted warning message.

Thanks for any suggestions on replacements for Adblocker Plus.

AdBlocker Pro – Best Mac Ad Blocker Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Want to get rid of those annoying pop-ups? With AdBlocker Pro, you will able be to visit your favorite websites and watch your favorite content ad-free. AdBlocker Pro App the Best Ad Blocker for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera in Mac.

There may be few questions that you might have in your mind:

  • How to stop pop ups on mac chrome?
  • How to block ads on mac?
  • What is the best ad blocker for Chrome?
  • What is the best ad blocker for safari?
  • What is the best ad blocker app? and more..

What is AdBlocker Pro?

This Mac application features a smarter ad blocking technology which when integrated to your networks works on all browsers automatically. This app blocks all kinds of ads, pop ups, banners etc while you browse the internet so that you can enjoy safer and faster surfing. It is effective and can be configured the way you want.

Features Of AdBlocker Pro (Best Ad Blocker For Mac)

Protects Your Privacy:

This app requires no personal information to run, and doesn’t monitor your browsing. Your browser may require AdBlock to ask for permission to access your browsing data so that it works on all tabs in your browser. AdBlock won’t save or retrieve your personal browsing habits or information for any reason beyond what is required to make it work. AdBlock is entirely supported by voluntary donations from users like you, and collects no information for advertising or promotional purposes.

Effortless Blocking of Intrusive Ads:

Adblock Plus For Mozilla Firefox

Unobtrusive ads aren’t being blocked in order to support websites (configurable). Whitelist others in just two clicks. Now you can remove all types of ads that affect your worry-free browsing experience with this superfast and effective app.

No YouTube, Facebook Ads, Pop-up Ads:

AdBlocker Pro removes YouTube ads, Facebook ads and other social media ads even before you see them. That surely enhances your browsing experience.

Block Social Media Plugins:


This app lets you navigate through different blogs, webpages, forums or other websites without being disturbed by automatic social media sharing buttons and plugins.

Watch Ad-free Youtube Videos:

When you enable Ad Blocker Pro, you can enjoy ad free videos right away.

Block Unwanted Facebook Ads:

This is an effective solution to your Unobtrusive ads that interrupt yours Facebook browsing. Now, scroll through your Facebook feeds without any ads.

Additional Benefits of AdBlocker Pro App:

Saves Data and Time:

When you block ads on the web, it saves 60% of the data used by the ads for downloading as well as running. That’s because loading ads consumes humongous data, leaving your browsing slow and interrupted.

No Need to Install Addons

AdBlocker Pro is injected into your network settings so that you never have to install another ad blocking plugin whenever you install a new browser. This app blocks ads even before they are loaded.

Improves Productivity

Besides ads, websites may often contain elements that distract you (like subscription boxes, discount popups). This app will never let you distract your browsing.

Blocks Annoying Ads

Adblock For Mozilla Firefox Mac

Ads have ruined our browsing experience by unnecessarily popping up in the middle of something we love to see and read. AdBlocker Pro revives your browsing and lets you see what you love, seamlessly.

Best Adblock For Firefox

Why Use AdBlocker Pro App For Mac?

Generally a Mac user is annoyed due to :

  1. Too many ads while browsing internet.
  2. Annoying ads with flashing graphics or auto playing audio
  3. Ads in between YouTube or Facebook Videos

Adblocker Pro mac app is a recommended tool to avoid such intrusive ads while web browsing. Simply install it and save yourself from the embarrassment you feel every time you visit a website or YouTube video or your Facebook profile in between friends or family.


Adblock Free Download Windows 10

  • · Animated ads
  • · Autoplay-sound ads
  • · Overlay ads
  • · Pop-ups / Pop-unders
  • · Expanding ads
  • · Interstitial page ads
  • · Video ads / Overlay in-video ads
  • · Facebook ads
  • · Webmail ads
  • · All other annoying ads

Adblock For Mac Mozilla Extension

Ad Blocker Pro is the best ad blocker for your web browser. It can block tracking scripts, banners, annoying pop-up ads and much more. Download it now and enjoy a safe, secure and optimized browsing.

Youtube Adblock For Chrome

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