A 4-Move Lower-Body Strength Workout


2. Split Squat With Lateral Arm Raise – Repeat on Each Side

– Stand with your feet surprised, best foot ahead, left foot behind you, with both legs directly. Make certain your feet are not directly in front of each other (assume railroad tracks, not tightrope cable). Involve your core and also maintain your hips put under (stay clear of arching your reduced back), and hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms at your sides.


– Bend both knees to 90 levels and also sink into a lunge.

– As you reduced into your lunge, raise both arms right to your sides. At the bottom of your lunge, your arms need to be straight out and also raised to shoulder elevation.

– Straighten both knees as you lower your arms to your sides, as well as go back to your beginning position.

– Repeat on the very same side, keeping feet in a stationary placement. Do all of the representatives on one side, after that change to the opposite side.

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