6 Hamstring Stretches for Tight Muscles and More Flexibility


We say it a great deal: Resistance bands are an excellent training device. They’re flexible, simple to pack, as well as fairly inexpensive to purchase. While you can function your whole body with them, we’ve lined up 6 fantastic resistance-band exercises for glutes that you can do almost anywhere.


For the exercise listed below, we suggest using either a resistance band that you can link or a tiny band set (small bands are the smaller sized, knotted bands). We like these mini bands from SKLZ or this set of resistance bands that can be connected to a personalized length to fit your needs. The first time you attempt these resistance-band exercises for glutes, you may require to try a couple of bands to locate the stress that’s right for you. Bands generally range from little resistance (light) to great deals of resistance (heavy). Begin with a tool band and then adjust accordingly.

It’s understandable why such a functional tool is a go-to for trainers like Brooke Taylor of Taylored Physical Fitness NY. Below, you’ll find a few of Taylor’s best lower-body resistance-band workouts for glutes. You can do this travel-friendly exercise a couple of times weekly, or add the workouts to your normal training program. If you’re trying to find more methods to use resistance bands, you can additionally check out this regimen for your upper body.

Exercise Instructions

  • Do each step below in order for 10– 15 reps. Do 2– 3 rounds of the entire circuit.
  • Remember: With an extremely light-resistance band, you can utilize these moves for hip movement and flexibility. With a larger band, these steps will assist construct stamina in your glutes, hamstrings, hips, as well as quads.

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