13 At-Home Leg Exercises That Require No Equipment


Doing leg workouts in the house is possibly a whole lot simpler than you realize. You do not require a leg press machine or a staircase mountain climber or a squat bar to fire up those lower-body muscular tissues. All you need is your bodyweight, perhaps a chair, and also the motivation to place some melt in your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, as well as internal thighs. Oh, and also this listing of 13 no-equipment leg workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.


It possibly comes as not a surprise that having strong legs can take you much. Even if you’re not educating for a race or working toward any other particular sports objective, you require legs that are strong sufficient to actually carry you via life. When you can place some leg muscle behind it, everything from strolling up a flight of stairways to raising your heavy laundry bag is less complicated. The good news is, efficient leg workouts do not need to be complicated as well as they do not even call for a fitness center membership. There are plenty of bodyweight leg exercises you can contribute to your exercise regimen to get more powerful– and pursue any larger toughness as well as efficiency objectives you might have too.

” Bodyweight exercises are functional as well as sensible, meaning that they assist us to enhance our muscles that we make use of in our lives,” Jess Marrie, a NASM-certified personal trainer at the Fhitting Area and also Shadowbox in New York City, tells Foodiest. “For instance, when we squat we are basically taking a seat into a fictional chair, which will aid improve our posture when we actually sit in a chair. When we stand up from a squat, we drive through our heels and also support our core– we are essentially constructing fantastic routines that translate into our lives outside the gym.”

Bodyweight leg exercises are likewise important for discovering appropriate type before you include weights to certain steps. “We shouldn’t be using weights till we have actually understood basic lunge, hinge, and also squat motions without weights,” Marrie says. Another perk of bodyweight moves? “You have your body all the time as well as it’s totally free to make use of, so you can do exercises anywhere as well as at any time!” The best leg exercises are the ones you’ll actually do? If you’ve obtained a collection of moves that you can essentially do anywhere, there’s a far better chance you’ll fit them into your regimen.

The bodyweight leg workouts below will certainly aid you to develop toughness while also prepping your body to do more intricate moves with weights. Give them a shot and embrace the shed.

1. Bodyweight Squats

Image: Brianne Wills
  • Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and also a little turned out with your weight in your heels.
  • Hinge ahead at your hips and also rest your butt back right into a squat. Bend your knees till your upper legs are alongside the ground.
  • Drive via your heels to stand back upright. Press your butt and keep your core tight as you stand.

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