10 Butt Workouts at Home That Will Light Your Glutes on Fire


If your at-home workout routine has actually been feeling a little stale, adding the best butt workouts in the house to your mix can be simply what you need to feel ready to tackle your following toughness training session.


Your butt muscle mass is amongst the biggest in your body, and also the very best butt exercises around will work every part of them: your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and also gluteus minimus. Working your glute muscular tissues is super essential, given that they support your pelvis and help you preserve an upright position– in addition to power you through your futures and also lower-body workouts, as FOODIEST reported previously. If you do not utilize them sufficiently (particularly if you find on your own sitting all day), your glutes can “transform off,” or forget how to turn on properly.

That’s why it is necessary to consist of glute-specific workouts in your exercises– or perhaps an entire workout only devoted to your derrière. Many of the best butt workouts at home likewise consist of moves that function other muscles in your lower body, like your quads, hamstrings, and calves, so you’ll also work with reinforcing those crucial locations too.

We have actually put together a listing of FOODIEST’s best butt workouts you can do in the house, so you’ll have an entire host of options when you truly want to get your glutes going. One of the very best features of butt exercises is that you can train those muscles with a wide variety of equipment– or none in all. The butt workouts we have actually picked include choices for whatever you may contend your disposal. If you have a resistance band or mini-band, exercises # 1, as well as # 8, are must-tries. A pair of dumbbells? Try workouts # 3 and also # 10. If you have a kettlebell, workout # 5 might be the one for you. If you don’t have any kind of tools– or are simply starting and also intend to keep it easy– bodyweight exercises like # 4 as well as # 7 will certainly be found in the clutch.

Whatever exercise you pick, your butt– and various other muscles in your lower body– will certainly be feeling it. Prepare to include some new favored butt workouts to your strength training regimen.


1. A 6-Move Resistance Band Circuit for Your Butt

Resistance band relocations are a wonderful means to educate your glutes since they develop toughness and also stability in your lower body. This circuit, produced by Matt Kite, C.S.C.S., master train for D1 Training, does just that: The six moves in the exercise– that include grouped squats, beast strolls, glute bridges, as well as clamshells– will certainly help wake up the muscles in your butt, helping them fire to help you during your workouts and everyday tasks too. An included benefit: This circuit can play double responsibility as exercise or a warm-up. For the former, finish a couple of rounds of the actions, and for the last, undergo the circuit when before your lower-body workout.

Try the workout.

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